Xiaomi Enchen Trimmer

  • $19.00

The finest self-sharpening, all in one trimmer for your choice of beard, head, and body.
Made of unique cutting guards and precision shaving system design to ensure an even trim every time.


• Touch Switch
• Detachable Cutter Head- Easy to Clean
• Breathing Light Prompt-Clearly Displays Battery

Type-C USB Interface
The hair clipper can be used by plugging in the charging cable.
If the hair clipper is not in use plug in the power cord to continue working.

R Type Rounded Corner Processing
Made of a rounded cutter head and positioning comb to ensure safety and comfort during hair cutting.
The hair clipper head consists of a movable knife and a static knife that can safely contact the cutter head at any angle during the working process.

Charging Instructions:
Turbo power technology that charges up to 90% of electricity in one hour.
One hour fast charging can be used for more than 80 minutes.

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