Swift WiFi Vending Router

  • $550.00

The idea of WIFI vending was made to fill the huge gap between WIFI needs and WIFI coverage especially in the 21stcentury where different age groups are starting to find it necessary to stay connected on the web as they go. WIFI Vending Machine is an easy to operate Vending machine which enables customers to connect to WIFI devices with as little as 250 L.L (15 mins usage), has an easy to use and user friendly interface, and requires very low power consumption.



  • No inquiry, username, and password are required; just tap the phone on the sensor of the machine, insert coins, and get WIFI
  • Provides a wide WIFI signal coverage range (around 80m radius outdoor/30m indoor)
  • Supports up to 50 concurrent users
  • Self Service working method. No need for supervision!
  • Support account roaming between different machines to help end-users enjoy wifi service at multiple sites
  • Supported Language: English
  • Power Consumption: 6W
  • Accepts both 250L.L and 500L.L
  • Free 1 year access to NMS system 



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