TechnoComs Professional Money Counter- Lebanon

TechnoComs Professional Money Counter - MVC500

  • $649.00
  • Save $350.00

  • 90% COUNTERFEIT DETECTION - This bill counter incorporates dual, highly-sensitive sensors for accurate scanning. Includes built-in UV and MG scanning for bill authenticity. It features accurate and reliable bill counting.
  • EFFICIENT & HIGH CAPACITY - High power motor, highly efficient counting. The hopper capacity is 300pcs, and stacker capacity is 200pcs, meeting the maximum demand. Premium impeller for smooth counting. With high speed counting, it counts over 1,000 bills per minute.
  • AUTOMATIC COUNTER - Starts counting automatically once money is in. Has an automatic self testing ability. Changing the operating modes and tracking bill counts is easier with easy-to-read LCD screens and control panel.
  • EASY-TO-USE DESIGN - The bill counter machine is designed with a portable handle on the top, and the handle can be hidden when not in use. At the back of the machine, there is dissipation vent and power plug, convenient and safe to use.
  • WIDE APPLICATION - There will be no more tedious and tiring manual counting with this money counting machine, which is a perfect money sorting tool for homes and businesses (it only counts the number of bills, NOT the denomination).




  • Value counting with Automatic currency recognition function.
  • Value counting function for mixed denomination banknotes for 5 currencies(LBP, USD, Euro, GBP, SYR) based on 200dpi CIS sensor(s) with IR and RBG light sources.
  • Hopper/Stacker capacity: 400-500 notes / 200 notes.
  • Able to connect receipt printers with serial port for counting result printing purpose.
  • Counting speeds: (1) 800 & 1000 for MDC (Mixed Denomination Count) & SDC (2) up to 1200 for CNT (basic counting with/without CF detections).
  • Port : Serial port for receipt printer, RJ45 for Internet cable, USB for upgrading and note scanning.
  •  Power input: 110V-230VAC; 50-60Hz.

  • Power consumption: <50W.
  • Unit dimensions: 28x26x27cm


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