King Motors 29cc Baja

  • $700.00

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Customization includes: ( Cover Color/Design , Exhaust, and Tyre type)

Vehicle Configuration                                                                                    


4 bolt 29CC engine,2-stroke, aircooled                                                                                             

SS pipe                                                                                   

Walbro carburetor #997                                                                                            

CMR7H spark plug specially for model                                                                                              

High performance 8000RMP clutch           



Car size:       L-W-H(mm):817mm*480mm*255mm                                                                                             

Package size:L-W-H(mm):850mm*525mm*310mm                                                                                             

Tire Track:      Front 395mm/ Rear 400mm                                                                                       

Max speed:     70KM/H                                                                                              

Net weight:    9.60KGS                                                                                            

Gross weight: 15.30KGS                                                                                                          



4MM chassis with CNC machining(Billet alum 6061)                                                                                    

New suspension arm use PA66 material                                                                                           

Large-bore shocks with  shafts & threaded adjusters                                                                                               

Fully billet alum hub carrier sets                                                                                           

24MM  billet alum wheel extender                                                                                       

Driving Shaft                                                                                      

Gear set:            17T transmission gear and 57T nylon spur gear contain oil.                                                                                              

Driving Shaft:     6MM driving shaft like real car.                                                                                         

Differential:         Fully billet alum differential case.                                                                                     

Tire completed:Dirt tire completed set 170*60mm(front)、170*80mm(rear)                                                                                              

Electronic Equipment                                                                                    

Receiver:         6V 2000MAH nicked metal hydride set with short circuit protection inside.                                                                                   

Throttle servo: KM-2013 20KG throttle servo(from Taiwan)                                                                                    

Steering servo:KM-3318 35KG steering servo.                                                                                             

Radio:             GT3B 3-channel 2.4GHZ digital radio control high response system.                                                                                                

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