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Box of 50 3-PLY Face Masks by Active

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These masks are qualified for use by  health professionals during surgery and nursing to protect the wearer’s mouth and nose from any bacteria.

The box includes 50 FaceMasks


  • Easy to breathe through.
  • 3 Layers with ear loop.
  • Does not contain fiberglass.

Usage instructions:

  • For single use.
  • Ensure the bendable edge is facing upwards on your nose.
  • The white side of the mask should be towards your face.
  • Place the mask on your face by putting the 2 loops/ bands around your ears.
  • Use your index & thumb fingers to pinch the bendable portion on your nose bridge.
  • Make sure the mask completely covers your nose, mouth & chin.

3-Ply Protective Mask by Active 

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