720° Sink Faucet Nozzle

  • $11.00
  • Save $7.00

  • Rotate The Water Outlet 720°: Say goodbye to gargling with a cup and washing your face with your hands. With this 720 degrees swivel faucet nozzle, just rotate the head lightly, you can get the ideal water outcome mode for your preference.
  • 2 Water Modes & Efficient Water Saving: The rotatable faucet sprayer head is designed with the easy switching function. Oxygen-rich foaming mode is a soft bubble water flow, the water flow is gentle and will not splash, suitable for washing face and gargle.The powerful shower mode has a fine and dense water flow, which can quickly and fully clean vegetables, fruits and sink surfaces. This can save more than 70% of water. AN EASY WAY TO CONSERVE WATER AND SAVE THE PLANET!
  • Easy To Install & No Leaks: Aerator’s body is available in male & female 55/64 inch -27UNS(22mm). The spray head equips with 2 sizes of the cover adapters which fits different thread sizes of the spouts. We provide gaskets of different sizes for better sealing. You do not have to worry about leaking or splashing from the Faucet anymore!

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